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  • Starting December 2009, I'm heading up the Berlin office of SEHSUCHT.

    Muwiklup 01 released. Muwiklup is to meet Friday and discuss concepts, shoot saturday, edit sunday and leave the weekend with a finished clip.

    My Work featured on the IdN Site.

    Advanced Beauty featured in Clear Magazine's new online edition.

    Sehsucht Berlin
    November 2009
    sehsucht berlin
    TRowe Price Ink
    February 2009
    Swedish Healthcare
    September 2008
    Smith & Nephew
    July 2008
    Absolut Streams
    March 2008
    Vidos Channel
    February 2008
    Vidos Channel Thumb
    Nike MV4
    January 2008
    Nike MV4 Thumbnail
    December 2007
    Infiniti Thumbail
    November 2007
    Martell Thumbnail
    Advanced Beauty
    July 2007
    Advanced Beauty Thumbnail
    Nissan Godzilla
    May 2007
    Nissan Godzilla Thumbnail
    May 2007
    Meteor Thumbnail
    April 2007
    Barclays Thumbnail
    April 2007
    Prudential Thumbnail
    Red Bull
    April 2007
    Red Bull Thumbnail
    March 2007
    Audi Forest Thumbnail
    PSST! Pass it on 2.
    March 2007
    PSST!2 Thumbnail
    Miller Dancer
    February 2007
    Miller Dancer Thumbnail
    December 2006
    Motorola Thumbnail
    October 2006
    HSBC Thumbnail
    Miller Conversation
    October 2006
    Miller Conversation Park Thumbnail
    PSST! Pass it on.
    July 2006
    PSST Thumb
    April 2006
    Mastercard Thumbnail
    Adidas Blue
    March 2006
    Adidas Blue Thumbnail
    MTV HD
    March 2006
    MTV HD Crow Thumbnail
    Color Robot
    March 2006
    Color Robot Thumbnail
    Nokia People Connect
    November 2005
    Nokia People Connect Thumbnail
    February 2005
    Toonami Thumbnail
    Punk Motherfucker
    February 2005
    Punk Motherfucker Thumbnail
    Sketchbook Stelen
    August 2004
    Stelen Thumbnail
    Dirt Empire
    May 2004
    Dirt Empire Thumbnail
    Mirador Catalogue
    March 2004
    Mirador Catalogue Thumbnail
    Belio Dreams
    November 2003
    Lucent Dream Thumb
    Sketchbook Madrid
    September 2002
    Sketchbook Madrid Thumbnail
    Sketchbook Edu
    May 2002
    Edu Thumbnail
    July 1991
    Demoscene Vote Me Thumbnail